Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Leopards Got All His Spots

So, since finishing the mermaid mirror stumpwork last week I have been spending some time on the Essamplaire casket . Got my cute as leopard all completed and I am pretty happy with him. Then I worked on the satin stitches on the right flower along with it's mound and the grass. Need to do all the background work before the raised work so threads don't catch. The right flower will have  detached petals with the satin stitch underneath. Then I outlined the caterpillar with backstitch and moved to the left side where I outlined the moth.

The flower is filled with french knots which worked out just great when the thread is held tight before punching back throught the fabric. I have never been happy with my french knots in the past but then I have only ever done them with cotton so maybe silk is more forgiving. Once the knots were done I moved onto the leaves etc which are satin stitched.

Stitched some trebizond silk into the moth for padding for the raised work and now I am ready to attack the detached pieces of which there are many and that's just this particular
piece! But of course this is a longer term 2yr + project.

Couldn't face starting detached work  late at night and I have kids on school holidays for the next two weeks so put it down and made a VERY SMALL start on Amy Mitten's Needleworkers Pocketbook. Now that I have started that, of course, overnight Amy has posted the next section of the mermaid  treasures course which is the embroidery on the next section C so lots of work here and will need to make a start on that as want to keep on top of this particular course.

I am starting to feel like I am running out of time as I look like I may be returning to part time work. That will leave me only one day of the week to do all my projects and personal stuff....aaaagggghhhh why isn't a win on the lottery comming my way!!!!!!! I just want to dedicate the remainder of my days to learning everything I can about needlework :-)

Then of course I have three of Tricia's online classes from Thistle Threads starting 1st September.  Can't turn any learning experience down though as I build towards eventually designing and stitching my own penultimate 17th century style casket.

I also have another project to complete which is a tribute album to a colleague who passed away at my last workplace. She was only in her 30's and had immigrated to New Zealand from Ireland. Such a short time on this earth. I cannot bare the thought of not being allowed to live a full life to old age and the blessing of being able to complete my needlework goals. We have another friend who is only mid 60's and just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the second friend. It is rare to find a person not touched in some way by this tragic disease that robs from us.

Of course on a bright and positive note what would my time spent on needlework be without the company of my main man regal and just a bub at 5 - 6 months old.

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