Friday, 12 July 2013

Mermaid's Dressed Up To The Scales

Soooo thrilled with myself. I finished the mermaid for the mirror scissor keep. This puts me right up to date and waiting for the next lesson.

It was quite a journey though to get her scales, tail fin and waist frill needlelaced and assembled. The waist frill was challenging as firstly the stretched out pearl purl is VERY catchy on thread and then I misconstrued the mechanics of the antwerp stitch and so ended up with my very own style of 'botched antwerp stitch' which is not as lacey as Amy's but I was not doing it again after I realised and anyway I rather like it so it stays. Then assembling the scales found me short of scales to go under the frill at the top. I kinda suspected this would happen for as I mentioned in a previous post I suspected I have overstuffed. But not to worry, I just made a couple more scales for her in the Deadly colourway. She doesn't have the same slim waist as Amy's but then my waist aint as slim as it used to be either so maybe she is a more mature mermaid!

The waist chain in the Silver Smooth Purl is cool and I love the way it bends to look just like a real metal chain.

The comb, argh the comb! The beading needle in the kit does not fit the eye through the Silver Pearl Purl. Very annoying and I had no smaller needle. A trip to the local patchwork shop saw them out of stock of beading needles...aargh!!!  So wanting to finish this I decided to substitute and she now has a Gold Lizardine comb along with a hairclip to match. Couldn't help myself adding to the embelishment from my stash.

The sparkly trim and the beads really add a blingy touch and the Silk Wrapped Pearl under the cloud makes it pop. Love it.

Now for some work on the Essamplaire Casket.....

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