Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mermaid's Rockin The Grotto

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. I delayed it cos I wanted to get my rocks finished and then I started on the mermaid body and didn't want to post until that looked as it should. The rocks were fun and I enjoyed the creating with the trellis and detached buttonhole stitches. Great to get some experience under my belt with these stitches so I can be confident by the time it comes to working my own designs for the Thistle Threads casket not to mention the Essamplaire casket which I haven't put a stitch into due to the pull of the mermaid. Amy's instructions are fantastic and although I need to think hard sometimes and blow up the photos on my ipad I mostly manage to understand and the result is not far from the mark.

Applying the wool roving and the material to the mermaid body was terrifying and it took me ages but actually in the end you didn't need to be too exact and the result was pleasing.Not easy to get the roving into the right places for the backstitching and she was a bit 'overstuffed' but the buttonhole around the edges rectified this.

The hair was fun once I got on a roll. I think I have pushed my coils tighter than Amy's but I don't mind as it tends to look more 'seaweedy' which is cool for a mermaid. She is pretty as a picture.

The relection in the mirror is cool although I can see the pointy bit of the tent stitch as the mica template was quite a bit larger than the tent stitched reflection. The smokey grey background just looks like the hair is in shadow so I am happy with the result.

Her face turned out pretty once the backstitching was completed although her boobies are not perfectly symmetrical but then neither are mine.

Mermaid's Rockin The Grotto
I started this course two or three lessons behind and just finished up to this point with one lesson to do (the scales) and then Amy posted another (attaching the scales). Still I am pleased with my progress to date and should be hopefully up to date by the time the next segment is posted. That's the goal anyway
So now I have started on the mermaid's scales. There are fifteen of them along with a waist frill and tail fin and I have done 11. Woo Hoo 4 scales to go and then the frill and fin.

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