Monday, 22 July 2013

Scallops And Snails - It's All About the Shells

Well, I have been back on the Mermaid Treasures this past week since the latest lesson was posted by Amy. Took me an absolute age, translated into several days to do all the backstitching....all that counting and undoing when you were out.......hooray that bits over.

Yesterday I started on the over one on the back of the scallop shell.The entire shell is filled in with tent stitch on 32 count. Really have to concentrate as lots of colour change to represent the real macoy so not the most enjoyable part of this project. Looking forward to completing this and starting on the scallop front which is less shell and another mermaid, cool.

Will take a while to complete this particular lesson  and I am facing the prospect of going back to work part time......sux!
No work on the Essamplaire casket while I do this one. Casket requires me to do detached needlework and so need to be amped up!
One more week of school holidays and then I need to start work on the memorial scrapbook album I foolishly said yes too as I really had got over scapbooking and sold a lot of supplies & tools already to free up space for my stitching passion.
I need more time, time, time.....
Went outside this morning and what did I see in the garden.....a daffodil.....but it's only July....what the ! is really warm today and does feel like spring but OMG global warming for sure as this winter has been so mild.

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