Monday, 21 July 2014

No One's Asked What's For Dinner....

Yep, I haven't heard 'that' question today so far and it's a sure sign that something is back to normal in the household and so is this....something's missing from this picture?....

....yep, school bags....the kids are back at school....time to have  a cuppa and a catch up....

A catch up with the beautiful blogs over at My Desert Cottage

Where Bloggers Create

The party is now over but the 116 links to the studio hangouts of these very creative ladies are still active. It's worth a peek, some very inspirational spaces that could be food for refreshing ones own studio space. I am definitely going to join in again next year.

Thank you so much for the lovely ladies who came over to my blog and visited my space. Your warm, friendly and encouraging comments are very much appreciated.  I did notice though that there were an awful lot of 'no reply bloggers' who commented which is a shame as you cannot respond directly. A little tip on checking this setting might be an idea for next year!

Thanks again all of you who shared a little piece of your favourite space.


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