Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Pure Joy Of Stitching

My sweet little daughter Jaz, who is a half a year away from turning 8 years old wanted to learn how to knit today. So off we went off to the local craft store to purchase some kid friendly needles, in pink, of course, with smiley faces on the ends. It always helps to have just the right equipment!

So then it was into Mum's stash where some cool purple wool was located. Not wanting to freak her out at the first hurdle, Mum cast the first stitches on and did the first row just to loosen things up a bit and we were away....

Now she's left handed and so I started thinking just how the heck am I going to do this and I have to admit I couldn't get my head around it so I said to her that I will just show you how I do it. It wasn't a problem. I think 'lefties' by default just  learn to be somewhat ambidextrous just because most everything is made or setup for 'righties' the computer mouse for instance and she's cool with that.

Her very first row of knitting ever was started....

Trucking along....through the loop beside the needle, under and around, through the loop and over the needle....

Success....her first ever row of knitting completed....The Pure Joy Of Stitching....passes to another generation....check it out Grandma!!!

I hope it becomes a life long passion!



  1. Wonderful to see the next generation getting into it!!! And good on you for your encouragement - great video! (PS I'm Anne with an 'e' as well!)

  2. Beautiful, cute little girl !


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