Sunday, 13 July 2014

Where Bloggers Create....My Creative Paradise....

I have just seen the most gorgeous studio, filled with creative ephemera on one of the blogs I visit. Oh my, I love, love, love seeing other creative spaces where amazing talent brings  beautiful objects to life and vintage objects abound. Where the parts of a stash become a whole and beautiful creation displayed side by side with the aged patina of pre-loved treasures. What an inspiration! And what do you's a party....can I come....yes I can....I just need to share my creative space to join the party....

Where Bloggers Create

This is the link to the party facilitator Karen over on My Desert Cottage and this is where I saw my first ephemeral eye candy of the party over with Vicki at 2 Bags Full

Now for my 'space sharing' so I can link to all the party fun....

My name is Raewyn and I adore having a space that I can call my own, my own little bolthole within my home, an oasis of calm where the stash is housed and the creative passion can stir without having to put everything away all the time, but, it's not big enough!!!

This is my beloved stitching chair, my night time hangout with my needles and thread....

The pieces of the stash on the journey to evolving as one object of beauty....

Surrounded by vintage and handmade treasures whilst I relax in my Queenly stitching throne of an evening....

My studio is a room just off the front porch in what used to be the church minister's office, we live in a converted church in semi rural New Zealand....

My stash is ever growing but feels teeny tiny compared to some creative spaces I am seeing on this party....what I am also seeing on this party is that I need to have a tidy up....feeling guilty....yes!

Now this stash needs to be stashed....but it's SO pretty that I just want to look at the cool threads all the time....

Plans are underway for stashing this stash more attractively, I am repurposing a large mirrored jewellery box and it is ordered....I am eliminating plastic storage from my crafting space, there is something about storing beautiful natural fibres and threads in petroleumn based plastic that is so not right in my world and likely the planet!!! It is a slow process of finding gorgeous & often vintage storage possibilities that will fit the bill....

I love my ORT jar,  I only started this a few months ago!

I have a small space off my studio set up for designing....

I have so much stash now and so many projects on the go that my Creative Paradise needs a bigger footprint. I want to move out here and include some of the balcony in my studio....

....but my DIY hubby is too busy renovation more important parts of this....

So I will carry on feeling most gracious about the paradise that I have and enjoying the visual eye candy of this to link up....and to stop by some more blogs. Thanks for stopping by if you come visit me.



  1. Hi Rae I also love the ORT jar I had to look it up! lol I am going to start one as well! I learned something brand spankin new today! thank you!!! :) kat ")

  2. Hi Rae, oh my my original first comment was that your space is so special, beautiful peaceful and just gorgeous and that chair of yours! WOW I love your art and your organized space! It looks wonderful, I would NEVER leave! I want to come play in your space! lol I have a lot of stuff to change around now after looking at everyone's lovely spaces :) have a wonderful weekend, and your HOME is to die for! lovely!!!! Kat

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing, aren't we a nosy bunch! Your purple chair is the best ever, a perfect spot to curl up & stitch the hours away.
    I love to see people's creative spaces. All are interesting, some are beautiful & inspiring just like yours!

  4. What a fabulous space you have - so much gorgeousness! A truely creative retreat. Love your stitching throne! Thanks for the peek beyond your windows :-)

  5. Love your's beautiful:)

  6. How fun to live in an old converted church! We live in a converted one room schoolhouse in a rural part of Michigan. I enjoyed reading about your ORT jar, had not heard of such a thing and had to Google it. I think my 2 favorite things are the purple chair and the funky reddish-purple haired doll holding the dog. I enjoyed my visit today.

  7. OOOOH this IS a stitcher paradise !! Everything is just beautiful....and now I feel a bit less guilty seeing that I'm not alone having a lot of stash, but you have more than me ! Well done Lady !

  8. Beautiful space. Beautiful work!

  9. I'm now a follower.I'll be back to look further at your blog. I have a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out.

  10. such a beautiful, creative space ♥

  11. Now, that's a great space! And, can a studio ever be too big? You're a lucky girl to have a balcony to include in your area.


  12. Great space, Rae! Love that chair! : ) Your space is colorful, whimsical and just plain fun. I'd love to spend time creating here. It looks like you've got everything you need close at hand, too. Love your dolls on display and even your supplies {like your thread} adds to the prettiness. Thanks for the tour!

  13. I love the vistorian feel of your space. Your work is lovely. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful threads.

  14. Oh Raewyn your studio is chock full of your own eye candy! What a gorgeous room you have and filled with so many wonderful goodies! I am so glad you found the party and decided to link up! You are definitely a wonderful addition to the guest list!!!

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